META – Minorities Education Through Art
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A list of resources and project deliverables is under construction. All resources are freely available on the website. You can download them and use them. We just ask you to quote the META source:

Available resources

  • META Case Studies Report

The presented report gives a summary of 40 good practices, which applied successfully arts in the fields of formal and non-formal learning with disadvantaged people with migrant background and/or from ethnic minorities, mainly children and youngsters. All these projects aim at improving inclusion by mutual understanding, learning outcomes, social cohesion and participation.

EN_META-Case Studies Report_short version.pdf

  • META Competences Framework

This paper presents the META Competences Framework based on ten potential benefits of intercultural education through art and defines for each advantage a key competency and an explanation of the expected objectives.


FR_META Competences synthesis.pdf

ES_META Competences synthesis.pdf

IT_META Competences synthesis.pdf

  • META Toolkit
  • META Teaching Methodology 
  • The META Advocacy Tour
  • The META White Paper