META – Minorities Education Through Art
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The META final conference “Reducing Disparities in the European Education System. Challenges of generative education as strategic vision for European Humanism” took place at the European Economic and Social Committee of the EU in Rue Balliard, Brussels.

Participants gathered from all Europe and included, beyond project partners, Prof. Luigi Berlinguer, former Italian Ministry of Education; Mr. Akos Topolanszky, Representative of EESC; Rodrigo Ballester, Member of the Cabinet of Commissioner, Julie Ward and Martine Michels, Members of EU Parliament. Representatives of MUS-e network who took part in META piloting in Belgium, Italy, Spain and Germany were also present and shared their lessons learnt.

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Participants and special guests discussed about the importance and urgency of mainstreaming art-based education in European schools for inclusion of children belonging to a minority or with a migrant background. They appreciated the presentation of META methodology and evaluation results by project experts and committed to sustain the META approach well beyond the project end.