META – Minorities Education Through Art
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Arts are a perfect means of education in an intercultural context, since they do not impose any meaning.

Art-based manipulations do not only reflect children's inner and purer self: they help form and develop it.

Help children put their colouring book in the drawer and let them start drawing on a white sheet of pure fantasy

Arts in schools go beyond just learning a skill to express a personal voice...

Arts free children and adults from culturally imposed bonds: through arts education sets flying.

Express creativity through arts is a children's human right: make it possible for all children, no matter where they happened to be born.

Arts are keys that open the golden doors to cultural awareness and acceptance of differences

Just because it's not happening here doesn't mean it's not happening: let arts win the war on exclusion and discrimination

There is no equity without inclusion: art based didactics can help children from minorities groups go beyond mere access to classroom and become protagonist.

Draw and put on scene a new Europe: arts in schools set children free, with no discrimination.

Europe is an intercultural continent with an enormous cultural heritage, representing the puzzle of its many people. Europe can thrive only thanks to the creativity of its people: arts are the heart of Europe and Europe should value them in schools.

School without walls and flipped classrooms: arts can set children's imagination free, no matter where they happened to be born.

Investing in art and artists can make the change from the earliest level of education, for all children with no discrimination.

Cross-fertilisation, transfer of success stories, and the simple desire to share our experiences can lead us to build together a better Europe, open and welcoming all, no matter where they started their journey.