META – Minorities Education Through Art
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From 16th to 18th of May the UNIFI evaluation team visited the META partners in Madrid. After paying a visit to Menhuin Fundation/ MUS-e Spain, in particular to Anabel and Antonio, they spent two days with teachers and artists at the Unamuno School, where the piloting took place.

Together with the School Director Antonio, teacher Ana and artist Natalia they could appreciate the genuine satisfaction of children involved in the META activities. 

2017 05 16 11.35.08

2017 05 17 12.48.00


During the interviews, the focus group and an open class with the children themselves, some of the key elements of META emerged: the joy of children in breaking the ranks and the curiosity to explore the world not only through curricular subjects, but also thanks to the magic of imagination and creativity. The Unamuno School is located in a popular "barrio" of Madrid and is active in experimenting innovative didactics toward more inclusive classrooms for all children. The evaluation results were encouraging on bringing forward META methodology for inclusion.

 2017 05 16 12.20.30


2017 05 16 14.59.43