META – Minorities Education Through Art
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On 22nd and 22rd of June the UNIFI evaluation team visited the META partners in Brussels and Liege. The objective of the visit was to evaluate META piloting at the Liege School realized during the first 6 months of 2017. MUS-E Belgium has been active for more than 20 years in all Belgian communities, be it Vallone, Flemish of German.

The Waroux public school is situated in a popular "quartier" with a highly pluri-cultural population, starting with the Italian immigration in the first half of last century.

scuola belgio

The visit coincided with the exhibition of art crafts realized by children of pre-primary and primary school. The focus of the exhibition was "la peur", fear, and how students felt and dealt with it. The results were amazing: children could speak freely of their traumatic experiences, some of them come from Siria and other war torn societies, while fighting against their inner fears through painting, performances and sculpture. As an examples children painted old chairs with the name of all elements that frightened them.

laboratorio 2 scuola belgio

laboratorio 3 scuola belgio

Once the chair was fully painted, the MUS-e artist invited them to sit on it and defeat all fears. Elder children explained their work to younger ones and to their families, in a promising intergenerational approach.

sedia artistica scuola belgio

As in Madrid, also the Belgian results were encouraging on bringing forward META methodology for inclusion.