META – Minorities Education Through Art
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The META case study report presents a summary of 40 good practices, which successfully applied all form of arts in the fields of formal and non-formal learning with children of migrant background and/or from ethnic minorities.

All the projects aimed at improving inclusion by fostering mutual understanding, widening learning outcomes toward social cohesion and genuine participation of children and adults alike.

Selected among very different examples and approaches in all EU and worldwide (all in all 59 countries), the report presents:

1)  hard facts (Participating countries and geographic coverage; Duration, size, form and settings of projects/programs; Target groups; Types of art, involved professions; Resources) in a quantitative analysis.

2) main topics (Cultural diversity, Inclusion, Personality development, Art as a tool for holistic learning processes, Qualification of teachers, Changes in school life) in a qualitative analysis.

The META report concludes its journey around classrooms of the planet with considerations on impact and draws key recommendations that can help teachers in applying arts for inclusion.

Case Study Report