META – Minorities Education Through Art
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Marianne Poncelet Executive Vice President of the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation  has been selected and has participated to the  brainstorming session  organized in Barcelona in occasion of the structured dialogue between the European Commission and the  cultural sector  promoted by “The Voices of Culture”.

On 10 June,  Cinzia Laurelli- European Project coordinator -at the IYMF has participated to the conference “Strengthening Roma’s political participation  organized by ERIO in partnership with the European Economic and Social Committee organized in Brussels.

Following the advocacy round table on 10 the of June, in the afternoon UNIFI staff took advantage of the presence of MUS-E supporters, educators and artists to re-open the dialogue on methodology of evaluation started some months ago at the beginning of the project.

Organized by Erasmus KA3 META partnership, the first META Advocacy Round Table took place last 10th of June 2016, from 10 to 14 hours, at the Department of Education and Psychology of the University of Firenze, with the participation of over 30 people coming from the most diverse backgrounds.

An intensive debate on obstacles which deny children and youngsters with different migrant backgrounds access to cultural education and to equal educational opportunities.

The Round Table took place at the Pfefferberg in Berlin. The meeting was organized by Pfefferwerk Foundation as the first part of the META Advocacy Activities in Berlin/Germany and moderated by Guillermo Ruiz from Sozialfabrik e.V. (Berlin).

On 27th of May UNIFI staff had the change to present the META KA3 project to Erasmus National Agency in Firenze, in particular to Ms Donatella Nucci, responsibile of the E-twinning programme for Italy.

Marianne Poncelet Executive Vice-President of the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation has been invited to participate as speaker to the public  hearing organized by the CULT Committee  of the European Parliament.

During this Ad hoc Meeting the partners met in Brussels to share the overall WP6 work-plan and elaborate a common strategy  for the stakeholders roundtables to be organized in Belgium, Germany, Italy and Spain.  Visiting guests to the meeting were Mrs. Teresa Cuartero and Mrs. Emma Király from the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Exeutive Agency ( EACEA) 

The purpose of this first partnership meeting was to develop and share understanding of the META project.  All the project partners have attended this meeting and have had the possibility to practice the META way of working and validates the action plan and working groups.

The EU Commission’s report emphasises a need for “more focus on Roma youth” in measures promoting Roma participation, stating that “[t]he situation of Roma children remains particularly worrying” with regards to exclusion.

Arts are a perfect means of education in an intercultural context, since they do not impose any meaning.

Art-based manipulations do not only reflect children's inner and purer self: they help form and develop it.

META Key words

We are now in the first phase of our project, the so called "recognition of the state of the art" (see How it will develop?) and are collecting case studies on the use of arts, any type of arts, for inclusion in Schools all over Europe.

META website is online! Welcome on board on META website! Surfing through the website you can find key features of our KA3 project on "Minorities Education through Arts". As for the moment it is still a "work in progress" and we are collecting a lot of information and working on a European Hub of good practices. The website is taking off together with our main research, piloting, advocacy and dissemination activities.