META – Minorities Education Through Art
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The META-Piloting in Germany took place in two schools in Berlin, in the Carl-Kraemer-Primary School and the Kurt-Tucholsky-Primary School. Both schools are located in socially disadvantaged districts of the city.

Marianne Poncelet Vice Executive President of the International Yehudi Menuhin foundation has presented in the Greek Island of Crete the document of the Synthesis of the META Key Competences Framework to the partners of the new EU Erasmus + KA2 funded project the Multilingual Library for Children in Europe ( MULTILIB) as basic competences to be used for the creation of children games in the MULTILIB project.

From 16th to 18th of May the UNIFI evaluation team visited the META partners in Madrid. After paying a visit to Menhuin Fundation/ MUS-e Spain, in particular to Anabel and Antonio, they spent two days with teachers and artists at the Unamuno School, where the piloting took place.

On 22nd and 22rd of June the UNIFI evaluation team visited the META partners in Brussels and Liege. The objective of the visit was to evaluate META piloting at the Liege School realized during the first 6 months of 2017. MUS-E Belgium has been active for more than 20 years in all Belgian communities, be it Vallone, Flemish of German.

The META case study report presents a summary of 40 good practices, which successfully applied all form of arts in the fields of formal and non-formal learning with children of migrant background and/or from ethnic minorities.

Through the National Operational Plan for Education funded by the EU, the Italian Ministry of Education MIUR has launched a major investment to ensure equal opportunities, reduce school disadvantages and inequalities between territories and offer young girls and boys new experiences, competences, skills and opportunities.

Prior to the advocacy training, Dr. Ivan Ivanoe held a lecture on EU anti-discrimination law based on the "Racial Equality Directive" with PhD students of the Department of Education and Psychology of the University of Firenze.

More than 30 participants aged from 17 to 70 years old participated in the Advocacy Training held by Dr. Ivan Ivanov last 28th of June at the University of Florence.

From January to April 2017 two primary schools "Montagnola-Gramsci" and "Agnesi" were involved in the piloting of the META methodology.

3th of April 2017, the UNIFI team held a focus group with teachers and artists who took part in the META’s activity in the School “Agnesi” in Florence.

The META project has been presented as a good practice of mainstreaming competences for global citizenship in Italian primary schools at the 36th GENE Roundtable, which took place in Bruxelles last 27-29th April 2017 and had participants from 22 differente EU member states.

Last Friday 7th of April, the UNIFI team held a focus group with teachers and artists who took part in the META’s activity in the School “Montagnola-Gramsci” in Florence.

More and more, education is recognized as a central challenge by civil society actors aiming to improve the chances of youngsters. One of these actors is the Berlin Network "Foundations and Education", created in 2016 on initiative of the federal association of German Foundations. Main aims are to strengthen the cooperation between different foundations and promote good practices (

The Spanish teachers and artists who have participated at the TTT in Brussels inform their colleagues at the Foundation Yehudi Menuhin Spain

On January 12th 2017 four artists, five Primary School teachers, three staff members of the Pfefferwerk Foundation have come together for a one-day training with Andor Timar (MUS-E president from Hungary) and Werner Schmitt from Switzerland (founder of the MUS-E program and president of MUS-E Germany).

META Project started on January 10th 2017, with an initial meeting between artists (3) and the management team of the Ceip Miguel De Unamuno school in Madrid. The piloting in Madrid is organized by the Fundacion Menuhin Espana for MUS-E Spain and monitored by the University of Florence in co-operation with the International Yehudi Menuhin.

The Fundacion Menuhin Espana- that is co-operating with the META Partnership – for the piloting activities with children has organized a practical workshop in Madrid at the Ceip Miguel De Unamuno school with teachers to experience the META artistic work.

An ad hoc training course is organized by the Pfeffer Foundation and International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation to support the new set up MUS-E Organization in Berlin and the participation to the META piloting activity.

Eleven professionals with long standing experiences in mainstreaming arts in education participated in META ToT - Training of Trainers Course in Brussels, organized by the International Yehuidi Menuhin Foundation, from 23rd to 25th of November 2016.