META – Minorities Education Through Art
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On 6th April in Florence the national seminar "Bridge Builders"was held and promoted by the International Students Center Giorgio La Pira.

The META project was presented to the ATEE Winter Conference organized by the Archimedes Institute from the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht in the Netherlands on 15-16 February 2018. The main theme of the conference was"Technology & Innovative Learning".

New META workshops in Berlin

Thanks to an active intervention of Italian partners, many artists, teachers and social workers in Berlin now know much more about MINORITY EDUCATION TROUGH ARTS and development of intercultural competences for talent's exploitation.

Marianne Poncelet has been invited to participate to the First European Education Summit hosted by Tibor Navracsics, EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport.

On the 27th of November META project was presented in the International meeting “From body awareness to creativity: a journey to inclusion” in Rome, to a public of more than 70 teachers coming from all over Italy and 15 European countries.

UNIFI is partner to Lingua+ project, which was launched in Cyprus last October.

The fourth project meeting between the META partners took place in the beautiful landscape of Collodi and Pinocchio Park on 12 and 13th of October.

More than 350 researchers and education activists from Europe, America and Asia-Pacific took part in the 3 days 42nd Annual ATEE Conference ‘Changing Perspectives and Approaches in Contemporary Teaching’ held at Hotel Dubrovnik Palace from 23 to 25 October 2017.

On 16 of November, Pfefferwerk Foundation was able to welcome high-level representatives from the national umbrella organization of foundations in Germany on Pfefferberg, among them the president of the advisory board and the general secretary.

The META Project has been selected  for the Thematic Cluster meeting on Social Inclusion: Inspiring Trends in European Funded Projects organized by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture  Executive Agency (EACEA).

The META empowerment workshop was held during the second partnership meeting by Professor Umberto Margiotta as representative of the Fondazione Nazionale Carlo Collodi to share the META method.

At the end of June 2017, the UNIFI team visited the META partners in Berlin. An interesting Focus Group was held together with the two school officials of the two schools involved in the pilot phase of the project: the two primary schools Carl-Kraemer and Kurt-Tucholsky.

Joining the advocacy training hold on Pfefferberg in Berlin on 21 of June 2017 in the framework of META, for most of the 15 participants was an experience comparable with a discovery tour.

The META-Piloting in Germany took place in two schools in Berlin, in the Carl-Kraemer-Primary School and the Kurt-Tucholsky-Primary School. Both schools are located in socially disadvantaged districts of the city.

Marianne Poncelet Vice Executive President of the International Yehudi Menuhin foundation has presented in the Greek Island of Crete the document of the Synthesis of the META Key Competences Framework to the partners of the new EU Erasmus + KA2 funded project the Multilingual Library for Children in Europe ( MULTILIB) as basic competences to be used for the creation of children games in the MULTILIB project.

From 16th to 18th of May the UNIFI evaluation team visited the META partners in Madrid. After paying a visit to Menhuin Fundation/ MUS-e Spain, in particular to Anabel and Antonio, they spent two days with teachers and artists at the Unamuno School, where the piloting took place.

On 22nd and 22rd of June the UNIFI evaluation team visited the META partners in Brussels and Liege. The objective of the visit was to evaluate META piloting at the Liege School realized during the first 6 months of 2017. MUS-E Belgium has been active for more than 20 years in all Belgian communities, be it Vallone, Flemish of German.