META – Minorities Education Through Art
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SCHOOLS:Carl-Kraemer Primary School; Kurt-Tucholsky-School





META COMPETENCES: creativity, inclusion, empathy


All in all 83 pupils (32 boys and 51 girls), 73 of them foreign children, have experienced in inventing new fairy-tales and performing them or in puppet-construction and –theater of conceived own “under-water-world-stories”. The artists practised a new methodology within the META-Piloting by planning their sessions based on competences like Creativity, Inclusion and Empathy. The weekly META-sessions contained art activities aimed at fostering and developing creativity, inclusion, empathy and the innovative spirit in children and among the class. They practiced in a playful way, thus one pupil told about her shyness that has changed in more boldness while participating in the META-sessions in her class. Teachers have observed that boys and girls have collaborated together more than usual. Some had more confidence in themselves and their acting than usual. A growing cohesion and common ground was noticeable in the classes, they wore a shared responsibility. Finally, at the end of the piloting, there were two presentations held in the two schools where parents were able to watch the results of the META-project. Among other things, teachers have stated that the communication between artists and teachers was constructive and process-oriented. The collaboration within the META-Piloting gave the two parties valuable insights in terms of differences and common ground between teachers and artists.

bimba e maschera  maschere  META - Piloting in Germany