META – Minorities Education Through Art
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The META methodology was created as a theoretical approach and it was definitely a must to approve this approach with practical experience in the context of the European school system and in the network of international artists, representing different countries and cultures throughout Europe.

Only these two paragraphs provoke the question: when we apply the piloting of this program, shall we use a single model independently from the national circumstances, or shall we adopt our concept of modelling to the possibilities of the national school system? In fact, the piloting team decided to go for the second option. In this sense we took advantage of the differences and had some profound experience with the same purpose using different patterns of execution. Therefore one could understand the advantages and disadvantages in a more detailed way, according to the national models.

Still we can say that the overall objective was the same in all of the piloting countries: cover at least 100 children (with the META piloting) representing different cultural minorities in Europe. All this should be done in a way that children would receive a significant amount of artistic stimulus in order to develop and improve some specific social skills and competencies. All this is to target better learning abilities and smoother social inclusion.

Overall we can declare that the piloting phase was successful and rich in learnings and outcomes.