META – Minorities Education Through Art
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Recently created social enterprise/ spin off of the University of Firenze MoCa Future Designers adopts art-based education and META methodology as innovative practice for social and education innovation.

On 8th of March a group of 8 among pedagogists and sociologists and two social cooperatives led by Professor Giovanna Del Gobbo created the social enterprise “MoCa Future Designers” which was recognized by the University of Firenze as a spin off, consistently with the third mission of the University to transfer and scale up ground breaking research into society.

The vision of the spin off is to promote social and educational change in local society through action research, design thinking, training, participative processes and impact evaluation.

Its members took part to the development of META project as UNIFI researcher and immediately decided to adopt the META methodology as a key approach to apply in their collaborations with the formal education sector and beyond. META has a new promoter!

foto spin off