META – Minorities Education Through Art
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Through the National Operational Plan for Education funded by the EU, the Italian Ministry of Education MIUR has launched a major investment to ensure equal opportunities, reduce school disadvantages and inequalities between territories and offer young girls and boys new experiences, competences, skills and opportunities.

In line with United Nations' 2030 agenda, the Italian school system aspires to become a agent of change and work toward sustainable and inclusive development for all. Organized in ten different calls for action, there was a specific one on "integration and hospitality". The latter has offered funding to all Italian Schools to experiment art- based didactics in order to promote a genuinely inclusive school, fit to everyone.

MUS-e Italy, in collaboration with the Department of Education of the University of Florence, has designed specific modules for schools, based on the META methodology and its lessons learned. Projects were submitted in more than 12 Italian cities. This has been an unplanned result of the META project, that we all hope will guarantee sustainability beyond the project end and especially contribute to mainstream arts in inclusion practices in the classroom.