META – Minorities Education Through Art
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The META project has been presented as a good practice of mainstreaming competences for global citizenship in Italian primary schools at the 36th GENE Roundtable, which took place in Bruxelles last 27-29th April 2017 and had participants from 22 differente EU member states.

GENE stands for Global Education Network in Europe: it is an European network of Ministries, Agencies and other national bodies responsible for support, funding and policy-making in the field of Global Education. Started in 2001 with 6 national structures from 6 countries, GENE now has grown to include over 40 Ministries, Agencies and other national bodies, from over 25 countries. The META project was also referred to in the Italian National Report on Education for Global Citizenship, stating that arts are a powerful mean to build a more inclusive and creative borderless society. There are indeed common objectives in inclusive and global education: work and create with children and teacher to build from grassroot a new generation open to the richness of diversity and never ending global change.
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