META – Minorities Education Through Art
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Organized by Erasmus KA3 META partnership, the first META Advocacy Round Table took place last 10th of June 2016, from 10 to 14 hours, at the Department of Education and Psychology of the University of Firenze, with the participation of over 30 people coming from the most diverse backgrounds.


All sharing a concern for guaranteeing an inclusive and accessible education system for all European children. Representative of migrant communities (Chinese, Dominican Republic, Roma, Senegalese, Cuban in particular), officers of public sectors such as Education and Culture, decision makers of regional and local bodies, University professors, teachers, civil society activists and artists all shared their experiences and lessons learnt on the valorization of arts in the formal education system in order to improve the level of equality of access and the right to study of all children. Each participant could contribute with his/her own perspective: public authorities representatives carefully listened to the aspirations and proposals circulating in the room, offered possible interesting solutions of networking and project financing to stakeholders that still see a long way to get to the goal of "not a single child left behind". All agreed with no exception that all form of arts, among them music, dance, figurative arts, theatre just to mention some, represent indeed a paved way, full of interesting and successful practices in Italy and beyond, toward enhancing emotional and social intelligence of all children and contribute to strengthen soft skills that will sustain them in becoming active EU citizens without discrimination based on national origins, sex, creed or other. Moreover, all supported the concept that inclusion in schools is about enjoying fundamental human rights and a network like META should be strengthened in order to promote smart, creative and innovative pedagogic methodologies. Next step will be to share more detailed information on each participants' activities and organize more advocacy tables in other localities in Italy. META partners will take care of maintaining constant communication and disseminate information among all participants and all will adopt a strategy of "snow ball effect" in order to amplify the message "arts in didactics are a mean of inclusive learning in EU Schools, especially suitable for a every day more diverse and rich youth".