META – Minorities Education Through Art
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On 20 June 2016, ERIO organised an advocacy roundtable in Ghent, Belgium. The roundtable was organised as part of the META project which aims to advance the eradication of barriers that cause inequity in European education systems, in particular those of children from an ethnic minorities or with a migrant background.

Participants included minorities' representatives, educational experts, practitioners and representatives from the public and private sector, and local authorities. The aim of the roundtable was to identify local needs of stakeholders and the key challenges faced by local authorities, regarding the effective implementation of inclusion and education policies.

 During the roundtable, insufficient provision of basic needs, lack of mediation structures and low involvement of parents and teachers in projects were identified as the main challenges. More inclusive policies, such as intercultural and inter-communities projects, were recommended as the most appropriate solution in a 'super-diverse' context.