META – Minorities Education Through Art
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On 27th of May UNIFI staff had the change to present the META KA3 project to Erasmus National Agency in Firenze, in particular to Ms Donatella Nucci, responsibile of the E-twinning programme for Italy.


Considering the strategic approach of using arts in education for inclusion in epoc of great demographic and social change in Europe, it has been decided that as soon as the collection of good practices led by STPW will be finished at the end of June, INDIRE will publish a news on the E-twinning platform and ask to teachers all around Europe to share their succesful experiences of using arts for inclusion in pre-primary and primary schools. All practices will not only be mapped and geolocalized, but their protagonists will be invited in joining the advocacy network for arts in education at the EU level. A short questionnaire on google format will also be launched to collect some key quantitative and qualitative information on existing practices in Europe and beyond.