META – Minorities Education Through Art
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More than 30 participants aged from 17 to 70 years old participated in the Advocacy Training held by Dr. Ivan Ivanov last 28th of June at the University of Florence.

The training lasted all day and ended with the commitment of all to keep working together afterward. What is advocacy? In very simple words it is the tireless effort of some to make all citizens' voices heard and taken into consideration. Advocacy strives to eradicate discrimination based on nationality, gender, religion, socio-economic conditions, among other human characteristics.




Participants were mainly young, especially second generation students coming from all over Italy. They explained in their own words how EU societies, although deeply mutated, have not yet been able to find appropriate ways to represent all its people and give equal opportunities to all.


voce giovani


Within the META framework art based didactic, including in adult and non formal education, were reckoned as key tools for action and building a more inclusive school, where students, their families and teachers can truly cooperate.

A Facebook group was created at the end of the training, as an easy communication tool to nurture the group. More will come after the seasonal holidays.


foto gruppo