META – Minorities Education Through Art
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Objective of the ToT is the development of the didactic structure of the art laboratories, which are able to meet the needs and the requirements arose in the mapping exercise and in compliance with the integrated pedagogical method, as well as to set up a replicable training course based on the methodology developed by the partnership and test/improve the methodology by a piloting phase in selected elementary schools in four Member States (Italy, Spain, Belgium and Germany).

 Specific objectives of the ToT are:

  • Testing the training course based on the developed new pedagogical methodology
  • Pilot the learning units in 4 selected EU elementary schools
  • Provide feedback to perfecting the methodology

The typology of the intervention might vary from country to country depending on the identified needs and in order to meet the common objective of facilitating multiculturalism among individuals, groups (classes) and communities.

The laboratories of arts integration are a tool of cultural and social rehabilitation, they represent an opportunity to develop (and sometimes recover) the expressive skills, to overcome immobility due to marginalisation, so to be able to show their own identity through their creativity.

Self-esteem will be strengthen by showing to the “others” the results of their “activities”.

The consortium, through the MUS-E network has all the competences to implement the arts labs in the schools, involving various forms of arts: dance, music, painting, etc.

MUS-E experts Training

After the development of new methodology on art education for minorities, the partners will create the training course and IYMF will coordinate and will lead international training course in Brussels.

The training course (3 working days and 20 working hours) will be organized in Brussels at the second part of 2016 to prepare those artists and local coordinators of selected MUS-E organisations that would be responsible for the piloting with a group of children belonging to minorities groups. The training will be an opportunity for all the partners to participate and get involved. The content of the training course will be developed based on the new methodology and output of the research phase and focus on:

  • The objectives of the whole project;
  • The context of the project;
  • The new methodologies (including work process and templates);
  • Testing the new methodology;
  • The lesson templates for the piloting phase in the schools.

The training course is addressed to teachers and artists belonging to 4 MUS-E organizations based in Spain, Italy, Belgium and Germany.