META – Minorities Education Through Art
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META aims to mainstream innovation by promoting "practices that work" both towards Education & Traing policy makers and towards a number of Arts integration for empowering learning communities, through web dissemination among the participating partners and several mainstreaming international events.

At the end of the project lifespan, the META project will be able to provide recommendations in the form of a white paper for policy and practice on how to contribute to closing the understanding, networking and mainstreaming gaps that hinder the meaningful exploitation of Arts integration for the promotion of equity in education.

The partnership has the ability to potentially influence the European policy Agenda by setting up the basis for a Forum/Platform for joint reflection and European cooperation to:

  • Identify and promote innovation and best practices exchange to foster Migrants’ inclusion through the practice of the arts,
  • Be recognized and act as one of the major counterpart able to provide high level expertise at European international fora on migrants’ inclusion through the practice of the arts as a tool to foster social cohesion and cultural inclusion.