META – Minorities Education Through Art
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The META project will address the following needs:

  • Improvement of pedagogical approach and didactics for all children, but in particular for children belonging to minorities groups (Roma included)
  • Improvement of access to education for children belonging to minorities groups (Roma included)
  • Equal and better life learning chances for all
  • Enhance active citizenship, foster intercultural dialogue and social cohesion among people of all origins belonging to the same local communities

Therefore the main objective of META is to contribute to the eradication of any possible barrier of access to education for children aged between 5-11 belonging to minorities groups, especially Roma, economic migrants and, particularly in recent times, young refugees and asylum seekers. Reckoning that inequity in European education systems still persists,  META will develop a META Pedagogical Methodology and an Advocacy Toolkit, based on research material, good practices and the assessed needs of stakeholders that will contribute to reduce disparities in learning outcomes for minorities groups and provide a new set of tools to teachers facilitating the setting up of multiculturality.

The innovative educative methodology will be based on previous experiences and new piloting of  practices of the arts, especially the ones that appear more familiar with the different minorities groups (be it music, dance, theatre or other) to learn curricular subjects and develop key competences of EU citizenships.

Social inclusion and multicultural values will be mainstreamed not only at the School level, but with the whole local communities involved.

META intends to:

  • Interact, consult and engage with a wide range of stakeholders, institutions and public authorities in order to provide them with evidence-based tools.
  • Enhance access, participation and completion of young students, belonging to a minorities group and beyond, in Education.